• Mr Red White & Blue3:24
  • Like Billy Grams Bible3:05
  • Baptism4:08
  • Shine Like Me3:12
  • What a wonderful world2:38
  • Hard Knocks 4:18
  • Here comes Jesus3:28
  • Through The Fire 4:07
  • Blessed Assurance 3:38
  • Content3:16
  • Because he lives 2:53
  • I've Learned To Pray3:25
  • Sweet Tea 3:59
  • Ain't It Just Like The Lord 3:00
  • Built Tough 2:47
  • Your Cries Have Awoken The Master 4:20
  • Sometimes I Cry 3:23
  • Precious memories5:25
  • Mississippi Squirrel 4:21
  • Little talk with Jesus 2:50
  • Come Jesus Come5:45

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16 Year Ministry As Of 2024!
12,000+ Salvations & 150,000 Rededication's!

Pool Ministries 

​     ​​ Pool Ministries was founded in September of 2008.

Jim & Beverly have faithfully served as full time music missionaries for the USA for 16 years. Jim & Beverly are both licensed ministers who sing & preach about the saving blood of Jesus Christ. Which is the birth, death & resurrection of Jesus. You can find them at all kinds of places! They will sing & minister anywhere! Most importantly they have seen SOULS SAVED at nearly every event! They are most often found where you don’t hear about God! They want the name of Jesus echoed everywhere. They do not charge for any of there services/ bookings nor do they sell there music.

   Everything they do  is on a donation basis.

       They are also a 501C3 ministry.  

Licensed Ministers, Singers, Song Writers, & Published Authors